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released June 19, 2016

All instrumentals by GHOSTEMANE
Cover art by GHOSTEMANE



all rights reserved


GHOSTEMANE Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Blackmage
Bitch I'm breakin out my mothafuckin chains I'm a black mage
I'm never gna rep no shit but kreep, now I'm out the cage
I'm shittin all over the rules you gave, and now I turn the page
I'm a way better man than I'm ever gna be when all I can do is obey
I'm taking your blood and now I'm painting a circle around my feet
Protecting me from Aiwas and dæmons in his company
You never gna be like me so bitch go get your own steez
You never gna see what I see I'm the K R double E P the reincarnated beast

I am a mistake
And I really don't have a solid end-game
All I really wanna be
Is a monk in a stone monastery
I am a mistake
And I really don't have a solid end-game
I meditate all day
Contemplate how I'm gna leave this place

I don't
I don't know where to go but up
Just can't seem to get my fix of a good life
One where I don't need to break ties

Don't recycle just get rid of everything you hate

Kreepin through the gates of an unknown place
I can feel my heart race
And my blood leave my face
I'm about to welcome change
with a fresh embrace
About to decapitate another useless piece of waste
I'm a kreep
I don't weep
I never sleep
ima freak
Counting sheep
I don't know sympathy
Track Name: As Above So Look Out Below
Slidin 'round the city with the mark of the beast
Got 7 daemons on the way to take me to Greece
So I can summon osiris and make him battle posiden and when they both gone I still won't have a god to confide in
I'm trippin on shrooms a vacation
I'm lickin on Lucy escaping
All of my daily misfortunes
And I know that I'm the creator
I get so fucked in my brain
that I don't know how I can say
Anything that crosses my mind
Without it coming out the wrong way

Lately im feelin a little okay
Top of the mountain I'm fuckin her face
Moment I cum now I beleive in fate
Still wanna die but not today
I don't wanna be another mothafucka wit no way to see the good in things
I smile every time I bleed yung cobaine

I'm gloin up going up jump comin up
If I don't kill myself before I see a million bucks
I'm boutta jump jump jump down a water fall
Inhale the lake
Sweet death come upon me
Track Name: The Whole Where My Head Once Lived
I can remember a time when I used to open my eyes in the AM and just
be grateful for life but now all I do is ask those I love to

Bury me (Under the stars in my head)

I don't know if I really know what's wrong and right all I really know is what I want to do with my life don't question me

I want to pick up and start again
(Gravity weighing on me)
I am free

Yung goat put a hole in the ozone
Melt metal with a flow so cold
Ima broke muhfucka and I hate gold
Dress cheap but your dame won't leave me lone
Make love with a whole Lot of hate
Draw blood on the very first date
Fuck fame Ima stay lame blackmage
Big PHI on my face Ima math ace

Friday night and I just keep on sippin till I can't no more
I don't got no place to be but bitch I cannot stay at home
Take my bitch in to a room and move the bed out of the way
Make a circle on the floor and lay her down inside the shape
Take my book and open it to page 888
Speaking tongues and fuckin while I'm trippin off a eighth I'm (awakened)
Track Name: Leprosy
You say that you got your own shit
But you got no whip
You say that you got your own shit
But you got no crib
You say that you got your own shit
But you got no chick
Don't say that you got your own shit
When you got no ends

12 noon and I just woke
In bed alone still fucked from the night before
I look around, where my bitch go?
Then I remembered wrappin tight rope around her throat
I'm the mage and I wake when ya eyes close
Hair long face tatted I'ma lost soul
Fuck cliques I'ma solo
You don't got a whip so you ride a dick to your show

I don't need you

I don't owe a thing to a muhfucka talkin your shit I don't really give a damn where you been you ain't never gna be a motherfucka that I really wanna be matter fact I never wanna be another mothafucka but me
Keep on pretending that you are the prophet but one day you will be alone
Left in your misery nailed to the front of a crucifix of stone
A loyal bitch is hard to find like a ghostemane tee
Yea they rare but mane just keep yo fuckin head up like a king
Most of all don't ever trust a man or bitch that got no brain
Bitch I stay well read and elevated way up in the plane
Track Name: Avatar
White Vans on my feet like I'm Daniel
Your MCM rockin' Reef sandals
I'm sippin a Hennessey handle
Bitch back the fuck up I can't stand you
I don't go out a lot no
I like to stay in my home
Hittin my chick from the back on a tempurpedic leave the lights on

Danny boy (x3)
White Vans on my feet like I'm Daniel
Xanny boy (X3)
You're stumblin I cannot stand you

You don't really know me you just know my avatar (X4)

I'm the ghost with the most known flow out the east coast
You follow me if you a dirty young Kreep goat
Mothafuckas really wanna be a dannyboy
You hoppin trends poppin xans but you broke boy
Im bout to hang ten toes just above the floor
You think I'm levitating then you see the black rope
Don't speak till you think twice in a row
Somebody save me from myself before I implode
Track Name: Starshot w/ WAVY JONE$
Every day I'm going insane
I'm like if rage and animosity had children
and got a great big house up on a mountain made of doubt and hate
and then just burned it all down so they could start it again

Burn Everything To The Ground


born alone living life on my own
death grabbed a hold of me my heart turned to stone
my blood is cold and my thoughts not my own
i cant remember but i know that you know
everyones lost
everybody a fake
stuck in a rat race in a world full of snakes
fuck everything
fuck the lies on your tv screen
fuck everyone
ima die so your fate can be no more


Don't let me go out alone


i watched the world fall apart from me
i looked as far as my i eyes can see
dont wanna know why i feel this way
i wanna die for you steal your pain
Track Name: Elixir
Better hold your
Don't say a prayer for me
Leave me to rest
Sip half an OE then fill it with OJ and drink up the rest
I am alone
I want a place to call home
You're not alone
I weep a lot more than I like to show

Sick of giving a fuck about the number of times somebody click a bunch of words in blue on top of a line
I never wanted to be a slave to vanity but now look at me ima piece of daddy I never wanted to be and I'm
Tryna find my way to the top of a mountain
But I cannot escape here alive
Maybe ima die all alone in the fountain
You cut me and left me to die

Tat on my Face
Black balaclava it cover my face
All in this place
Cleansing and washing away all the hate
Reincarnated I'm Aleister Crowely on his worst of days
Stay away
All of you bitches that want me to slay you but can't take the pain

I don't worship Satan I'm just saying that we get along

When I was a lil jit I used to think that I was never gna ever be shit
Now I'm grown
and I still don't know which way I'm goin
Life's a bitch

When I am gone
Summon my soul
Tie me to the floor
Don't let me go
Do what you want
I'm one with my ghost

I don't got a thing that I wouldn't leave to be six feet deep
Find me a top of a mountain and let me just conjure up something to help me
Track Name: Venom
All these punk mothafuckas don't know
They runnin their mouth like I won't kick in their door
All these punk mothafuckas hitting my phone
They think we boys but I never seen you at one of my shows

See I been fuckin up my life no joke
Tatted my face, quit my job, went broke
But I been lovin every day a little more
When you hear that wooden block, you know it's only Ghoste

Made in the image of what they call Satan the blade is serrated and decapitating the brain of sedated and awaiting heads
Never to let them think freely again
Put em in an underwater grave
Better pay your attention to what I am about to say
Fuck what your friends say
Fuck what the man say

I been licking venom off my gums
Gettin' faded off the blood of my girl
I cut her on the face, she told me "more"
She got red on my grandma floor
Bitch I'm draped in Ghost Supply head to toe
Y'all were sleepin I dont want your damn clothes
My chick gonna seduce your damn girl
We tag teamin like we wrestle for the belt

Lay down your soul (Venom)
Track Name: Pentacles w/ Omen XIII & Killstation
[Omen XIII]

I got bodies in my closet
Skeletons been stackin up
Aint no money in my wallet
But my paypal traffic up.
I been sellin by the band
band tee's on my back
back streets, with my boys
boys creepin, fuck the noise.
We don't care bout what you heard
Play with fire you gon burn.
Bitch I'm swervin round the curve with murder sermons on my nerves
We don't care bout what you think.
Actin tough just shows you weak.
I know you been losin sleep.
I know it's all because of me.

I know it's all because of me.


Baphomet spoke to me
Told me listen to me
All of the answers I seek
Are all the answers in me
I look intently at the night sky wondering why I'm here

Yung crowley
Run up in a residential area then take a mothafucka daughter back
To the black cave
Tie her to the wall she told me never let her go and ima make her sip the blood of yet another young dame

I got my plague mask
(Got my plague mask and ill summon lavey)
In the center of the star
(Center the star I speak and you obey)
Put the snake on her neck
(Snake on her neck she's the live altar babe)
Let us pray to the dark
(Pray to the dark the light only betrays)

I know it's all because of me
Track Name: Somewhere Between Happiness And The Bottom Of The Lake
Dear Dad,

I never got the chance to say goodbye
Let alone spend a day with you without a fight in the months leading up to the end of your life
We were both sick and bed-ridden I remember that night
Momma said "Daddy is gone"
"I tried to wake him but he won't his skin was ice cold"
Called 911 with my phone
And with the blink of an eye my life changed I was grown

How can you leave me alone
But fuck what I feel bitch you left my lil brother alone
Momma sold all that she owns
Just to take brother and make a new home in the north east

Yet again I'm alone
Packed my belongings into my ford Taurus and watched boy meets world in what was our family room

Never again will we sit all together

Never again will we all live together

Youre gone

When you left I was free
Yet you still haunt me

Sitting in the dark inside these four white walls
And I keep
Thinkin about how everything is all my fault
And I think
What happened to everything I thought I knew
And I think
Why should someone care if i don't
Track Name: Scrying Through Shattered Glass
I don't need no gats I just swing on em
Put the fear of God in a pussy boy, got a hex on him
I don't need no gats I just swing on em
Yung Crowley knock em out, cut em up, put a price on em

I been trippin off of 25i outta my damn mind
Prefer the psilocybe but right now its hard to find
I spoke to Hermes and he told me that I'm doin fine
Said never listen to a mothafucka past his prime
You listen to me but you listen with a closed mind
You think I am the devil but I just got open eyes
Nobody give a fuck about your favorite rapper mane
I'm kickin back bumpin Burzum while he Twitter rages
I'm reppin Kreep cuz I'm never taking orders mane
I cheated death. I suggest you do the very same.

I was never nothing everybody think I'm something now
What happened to all the hate
Listen when I speak I'm bout to drop the knowledge on your plate
Fuck anybody that say you can't do shit. One day they'll be suckin your dick
Rest in peace Manly P. Hall
Without you I wouldn't be shit