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Steverino dont you procreate Favorite track: Rapture.
Team Oktopus
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Team Oktopus "This world is a school. No one expects to stay in school forever" Knowledge DROPPED Favorite track: Axis.
Chance Grow
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Chance Grow Ghostemane is one of the hardest up and coming artists in his scene. Nothing I have ever listened to before compares to his style and lyricism. He's always coming out with something new throughout the year so you can always come back to him. Favorite track: Plague Dr Mask II.
Seth M
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Seth M that manson interview sample dude. nostalgia Favorite track: Wishers Lose Copper Dreamers Lose Everything.
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MazdaChemist Whole record is solid. Much love and respect to Ghoste. Favorite track: Until The Light Takes Us.
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keisos I really like Ghostmanes dark attitude and it sometimes even sounds a little bit like metal.
Moreover he has an awesome flow! keep it lit my friend.
regards from germany Favorite track: Andromeda.
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released November 22, 2016

All production and engineering by GHOSTEMANE



all rights reserved


GHOSTEMANE Los Angeles, California


ALL albums are free. If anything on this page costs any money to download, it is an error and will be corrected.


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Track Name: Plagues
One day I'ma end up in a urn on a mantle
Roll my remains in a blunt, light it up smoke
I put a hex on my ex she won't Lee me lone
Cuz I made a move and never comin back home but I ain't shit but a wretched individual
Pentacle made of stone by the window
Considered one to love the devil by the sheeple
But they don't really know shit let em bleed on they mothafuckin knees let em bleed

Fuck Anton Lavey
You're the reason edgy mothafuckers are a thing
Anyone who bought your bible is a damn fake
Rest in piss I hope your followers hang

On a rope
Lookin for the antidote
Wanna break away I'm a slave to the physical

Fuck xans in my white vans can I get another tab

Or the psilocybe
I'm sick of life committing psychedelic suicide

All I ever wanted was a way to find the inner light
Re-enlightenment the way of a thelemite


Praying for my luck to change but its not looking good for me
(Show me the light I will go)

I wake
Another day and I
Can't help but wonder why
Some seem to have it all while others suffer like myself
I can't keep counting down the days until I find what it means to be at one with myself
I can't keep counting
Down the days

I am so tainted by temptation
All I wanted was to breathe
So far away from the toxins in the air of this place
I can't keep counting down the days until I find what it means to be at one with myself
I can't keep counting
Down the days

Close your eyes so tightly
So no liquid can escape
And point your chin at the sun
Keep the blackness at bay
Track Name: Until The Light Takes Us
[Verse 1]
I packed my shit up
I called a Lyft
Then I took a sip of cognac to be about my wits
I'm thinking about when I would burn my songs to blank discs
Then hand them out like anybody really gave a shit
But now I make a party bump
I don't even go
You turn my shit up to 11 while I chill at home
And kids who knew me as a jit
Think I sold my soul
Tall-poppy-syndrome all because they think I'm really glon
The thing is I still have to get to where I want to go
I'm tryna glo like legendary ghouls in Fallout 4
Then I could live eternal life
In all of your souls
Till then I hop up in this Lyft and say goodbye to home

[Hook x2]
(Baby)Lately i been thinking that I need something
Like a way to get away from the way that you think
Baby, lately I been feeling like I'm stuck in concrete
Watch it dry while I sink until I can't see my feet

Too many pepople have opinions on things they know nothing about
And the more ignorant they are
The more opinions they have

[Verse 2]
Lately I been thinking that I don't need a thing
Every time I look around me all I see is the vibratory euphoria so present in everything harnessing carbon the lifeblood of all of creation
A painting of pain
Don't give a fuck what you say
Claiming that you do not fuck with me then you cop merch from my Bandcamp page
What a lame
I don't ever wanna see another mothafucka say that they love me when they used to hate
And do not tell me play your city when I just played yesterday
I got a lot of love for ones that awake
From a mundane state
Instead of going through motions of hate and then love for the things that don't love you the same
Do what thou wilt is the law of this plane

[Hook x2]
(Baby)Lately i been thinking that I need something
Like a way to get away from the way that you think
Baby, lately I been feeling like I'm stuck in concrete
Watch it dry while I sink until I can't see my feet
Track Name: Lady Madini
Ed Kelly is that you speaking?
Tell Madini that I miss her face
Get back to scrying in the dark
Humans never ever get shit right
Alchemy is dead and so am I
Unless you make The Philosophers Stone
I'm sick of trudging thru the mud
Can someone up there just give me light

[Outro x4]
We're all just trudging in the mud
Track Name: Axis
[Verse 1]
This is a welcome to my mind
What am I?
I'm divine but I'm minimized
Minimized to a finite mind but abide when I shine a little light on your eyes
I am the one you attack when you wanna die cuz you hate your life
You wanna beef but I don't have time
Me and my chick gonna take your bitch in Sexual Sacrifice

K the R the E
The E the P
Rockin Adidas but they never clean
Act like you know me but you see
I don't agree
I am the G to the O
The A the T
I'm on my way to hell

I am nothing (x4)

I am too woke to worry yes I am too woke to care
I spend my time finding enlightenment through a broken mirror

I'm everything (x4)

Pentacles all around me I let go of all my fear now my bitch is a witch in leather who whispers in my ears

La la la
Singing alone
Cuz I know
Nobody know me like I know the taste of
The barrel of my .22
Somebody walk
In on me now
Before I let it go

Everybody told you to avoid me like the plague
I don't wanna die on Earth
We're bumping Number 12 in the moonlight thinking that I might just stay
But I don't wanna die on Earth
Track Name: Andromeda
[Hook x2]
I don't really want no weed (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no friends (Hell yeah)
I don't really need no whip (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no ends (Hell yeah)

[Verse 1]
I don't really want no bitch (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no top (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no hope (Paah)
I don't really want no hoe (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no life (Hell yeah)
I don't even really wanna die (Hell yeah)
I don't really wanna do shit, bitch
World got me down and I wanna just quit (Hell yeah)
I don't wanna play no shows (Hell yeah)
I don't wanna make no clothes (Hell yeah)
I don't wanna write you a verse (Bitch, yeah)
I don't wanna talk no more

[Hook x2]
I don't really want no weed (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no friends (Hell yeah)
I don't really need no whip (Hell yeah)
I don't really want no ends (Hell yeah)

This world is a school
No one expects to stay in school forever

[Verse 2]
Sever the limbs off my torso and burn what remains
Shouts out to Coheed
I would not be alive if I gave in to one of the times that I wanted to be 6 feet deep beneath all of our feet
I've given up on giving up I found a reason to be in hopes you will defy me
I'm sick of writing I would rather be in Andromeda that way it would take a billion years for you to find me

Candle wax burns on her back in the shape of a pentacle
Track Name: GodHead
I often lay in bed and think about the distance
Between me and the nearest star I wish that I could be in

Merge With The Ethereal
Track Name: Rapture
[Hook x2]
I'm sodomizing your bitch till the dawn break
Hands around her neck till she red faced
Buddha on my throat cuz I meditate
You fuckin waste of space
Don't you procreate

[Verse 1]
Soon as the moon hit its peak
Bound your hands and feet
Placing my hand on your face
Uttering Latin speech
Pulling a dagger up outta my waist I place it in between your teeth
Soon as Vega hits the zenith I pull it and you bleed
I don't respond to no beef
I would rather croak
I'm too enlightened to speak
Yes I am too woke
Pentagram on my ski
But just to provoke
You to question and seek
What you think you know

[Verse 2]
Don't pop
Fuck dope
Drunk at the citadel
Sip the blood of Christ
Now I got a DUI
Old soul
Really tho
Never leave my house I don't
Wanna go
Anywhere cuz in a full room I'm alone
No I don't
Feel like I'm from here at all
Think a meteor with my cells hit Earth here long ago
Making me a thing from a world where we don't give a fuck
About what anyone else doing I would rather not know

[Hook x2]
I'm sodomizing your bitch till the dawn break
Hands around her neck till she red faced
Buddha on my throat cuz I meditate
You fuckin waste of space
Don't you procreate
Track Name: Cult Of Thoth
I'm chewing on psilocybe I'm gone
Shuttin off my phone
I don't need one of those where I'm gonna go
Escaping all of my holds
I'm lickin on Lucy like she my chick
Ion wanna talk to no bitch I got mother nature calling me in
Tryna wash away all my sins
Im seeing like purple green and that's it
Peakin on a mountain
I'm tryna get back in touch with my kin
Speak to Hermes again
Im lickin on Lucy like she my chick
Light incense with my Bic
I'm tryna get back in touch with the dead
God Anubis ahead
Gonna weigh my heart and see I'm fit
To come kick it with Osiris
So I'm tryna get free of all of my sin
So I won't get eaten by Ammit

I think I might get lost in my head
Close my eyes again I'm telling you
Listen with intent
Hair standing up on your neck
I think I got goosebumps again
Escaping out of my skin
I never wanna be on Earth here again
Bout to make my final ascent
Track Name: Wishers Lose Copper Dreamers Lose Everything
It started last night when I ate a tab
She gave me top till her throat sore
I thought I was living in happy land
Then I woke up it was all gone

I sunk to the bottom the floor of the ocean
I woke up the body of Plato
He showed me Atlantean holy land
And gave me the key to mankind's hope

I wanted to say so many things but I never did
I wanted to say that you're the reason I escaped my sins

I would do pills if they made the pain go away
But you know they don't
Popping and snorting ain't nothing but bandaids
Rip it off and you got no hope

Going 85 in a 65 tryna make my way on through the night
Red and blue lights right behind me make me think back to those crucial nights in a Miami county cell where I realized that I will become somebody not a waste of a body violence isn't the way

I don't want to be
So I'll drown in the lake
I tried everything
But I'm still not really free
Drown in the lake
We all drown in the lake
Wishers lost a penny
Dreamers lost everything
Track Name: Euronymous
[Verse 1]
I never get no sleep and my money all spent
But one day Ima die and it won't mean shit
Im sick of seeing kids tryna rap like this
Take that band tee off you don't listen to that shit
Bitch I'ma introverted inverted cross reppin mothafucka
Don't want friends
Leave me lone
Black metal bumpin
Out my whip I'm gettin in touch with Lucifer again
I was doing fine but now I think I'm giving in to temptation
I don't work a job no more
I don't hate life no more
Jk really just wanna croak
Granny find me dead on the floor
But I won't overdose
I don't pop pills like y'all
Speaking to Hermes alone
You don't know what I mean you lost

[Hook x2]
Friday I'ma trip all day
Saturday I'ma drink all day
Sunday I'ma post up at the church
Burn it down Yung Varg I'm a curse

[Verse 2]
I forgot how to smile can somebody show me
Then again I never knew I just put on a show
I can not recall a time that I did not wanna keep my face under the surface of acid filling up my bathtub and dissolving in it until I am bone

I don't know what life is without a constant
Feeling that I'm being held down under the water

[Verse 3]
You a big shot now
You think you Satan's son huh
Until you see him face to face and then he drag you under

[Hook x2]
Friday I'ma trip all day
Saturday I'ma drink all day
Sunday I'ma post up at the church
Burn it down Yung Varg I'm a curse
Track Name: Plague Dr Mask II
When I got my mask on
I kreep in another dimension alone and I know just where to go
Had to go
To the unknown pad of Plato
To find me a stitch of the knowledge that so many today ignore
But how to enlighten the people that don't pay attention to nothing but drama
Shaman Ima
Become another one to carry on the word of T. McKenna
Centered bene-
Ficiary to a sacred method
Path of awakening baking my pineal gland in ectoplasm
We fuck till we necrogasm
While under the force of an unknown plant a fantasy come true

Deep in the light an eternal fixation of Atum consumes
The path of internal light is at my feet just below the sole of my shoes

I would never wanna be immortal on this little planet
Because of the way that life come and then go death is only the beginning

Put em in a hole in the ground
Track Name: Wretched ft. ROZZ DYLIAMS [Bonus Track]

Coming from another realm I'm a work of fiction and I'm never coming back I'm running back into the mind of Howard
Lovecraft plague mask in the back gas is irrelevant I'm traveling on fuel from the shadow of Hephaestus flames
Crafting a blade for me so I may faithfully
Run up in to WBC and
Decapitate anything that I see
Funny how ignorance makes me so mean
When a mothafucka believe anything he read or
See on TV
Knee deep into propaganda better pop a hand of xans
If you're too pussy to handle your life like a man I
Can't relate I'm on another plane
Can somebody tell me how to live and breathe and die a mortal way
Ima lost cause really
Never gna wanna belong pardon while I burn sage
Everything I read leads me to believe maybe one day Ima be apart of something so much greater than me
When I perish
Get the kerosene and
Burn me to oblivion but don't make a scene
I need privacy so the prophecy may be complete and i merge with the mages of ethereality
Count on me when I am finally free I will watch you while scrying in the sea

[Rozz Dyliams]

Underground catatonia
I found a scroll in Rome from a secret map I found in Macedonia
Fuck this music, I don't got the time to even hate cause I got secret service people from the Vatican approachin bruh
Whatchu tellin me?
Ill shoot an apple off your wifeys head and miss
And hit the bitch in the head like William lee
A murderous 8th dimension night breed killa Dylan be
Clip on my hip and the chip on my shoulder
Turned into the monster that's next to me
Bloodline illuminati 666 lizard people all around me man
Rozzy really bout to take a trip to North Korea
And come back a brand new man
Coming back and foundin Dylananastan
To build a wall to separate me from the stans
Bitches wanna hold my hand but they dont even know about the demo of my favorite band
Dylan got the stamina to keep it goin
90s baby getting buck like Pretty Tony
I don't got no time for phony rap baloney
We gone fuck the bitch and have a ceremony
Mask on face, weapons in my place
A hundred million bodies Ima concentrate
Anybody with a cheerful disposition
Who believe in heaven might just meet their fate
Dylan throw it, tell the bitch to go wide
Fuck around, participate in homicide
From sea to shining sea, a Christian holocaust
A pagan neo-judaistic genocide
Yesterday, I got so fumin angry that
I stabbed myself, in the thigh, with a fork
Whatchu know about the wretched wicked shit?
Like the atrocities of Malachi York
Busted and dusted, like an angel that just lost its way
And we all gone die anyway so fuck it, mane
Mind gone straight lost in a fog of haze
Two brothers from the housing authority
Came to take your kids and dogs away